Playing Music In A Band- The Basics!

Obviously, the first thing that you are going to need is a band to play in. There are loads of Musicians Wanted ad sites online, with being one of the biggest. However, don’t overlook the old-fashioned method, i.e. the notice board at your local music shop. If you can’t see anything that appeals to you, put up your own advert!

Bas Player

Once you have your personnel sorted, you need to decide where to rehearse. If you’re lucky, a band member may have a garage that is suitable. However, you’re probably best off looking to hire some rehearsal space. Almost every town and city will have some sort of facilities available; the cost is likely to be reasonable, particularly if there’s 3 or more of you in the band. For your money, you’ll get a space specifically configured for you to play comfortably in, and often the use of a PA system for the duration of your rehearsal. It’s certainly better than trying to squeeze the whole band and all the equipment into the lead singer’s lounge!

So, it’s your first practice session, you’ve all arrived at the rehearsal room, and you’re set up and ready to play. Following a couple of simple band etiquette rules will make things go MUCH more smoothly. Firstly, everyone should play at a reasonable volume, so that you can all be heard- you’re likely to find that lead guitarists tend to be the main offenders in the ‘playing too loud’ stakes! Secondly, avoid the temptation to ‘noodle’ aimlessly on your instruments as this will make the practice aimless and unproductive. Ideally, there should be a band leader to keep things focused and structured.

All being well, after a few practice sessions, you’ll be ready for your first gig. The key here is to take things slowly; don’t go looking for lucrative paid gigs at this stage, as you probably don’t have the experience to pull it off yet. There’s likely to be an open mic night in your area where you can safely cut your teeth. In time, you can move on to paid gigs and, just maybe, fame and fortune.

Playing in a band is great fun, so get out there and enjoy it!